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This high performance athlete program is tailored specifically to those elite athletes and teams that are looking to give themselves an edge in their sport. Their training will differ depending on the time of year (in season or off season). Our experienced coaches will be able to guide them in the gym so that they can track results, see their progress and stand out when they return to action.

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All Ages

This program is for mature and self-motivated athletes who are looking for a more customized approach to increasing their athleticism for their specific sport. Coaches will create a program based on the athlete’s direct needs and the sport they play. During these sessions, a coach will be overseeing to demonstrate movements, ensure proper technique is performed and watch that the correct stimulus is being met. Both in-season and off-season is suitable for this program and will be one of the factors taken into account. Minimum of 2 training days per week is required; 3+ days per week preferred where available.

Summer 2024 Schedule

Mondays 9:00a, 3:15p, 8:30p
Tuesdays 9:00a, 8:30p
Wednesdays 9:00a, 3:15p, 6:30p
Thursdays 9:00a, 7:30p
Fridays 9:00a, 3:15p, 5:30p
Saturdays 8:00a


All Ages

Our expert coaches will devise your team’s training program based on their athletic profile (age, sport, season of play, goals + aspirations) and number/frequency of training sessions. Depending on the size of the team, we may break out into smaller groups so that individuals with similar needs can address those together appropriately. Your coaches will ensure that you are performing the exercises correctly, using the proper weights and the intended stimulus. Team training will improve physical markers like strength, speed, power, agility and balance, but is also invaluable for moving the needle on the intangibles like camaraderie, cohesion and cooperation. Team bonding can do wonders for team morale!

Various timeslots - contact us for details


U12 Group (7-11 years)

Become a better overall athlete through training with a group of other similar age athletes from a variety of sports. In this class the focus will not just be general strength + conditioning, but also working on the aspects of fitness that specifically make a better athlete: speed, power, coordination, balance, reaction time, rotation, body awareness, and building “armour” to protect the body from injury while playing. Mini games and team challenges are also incorporated to promote sound movement mechanics and competitiveness.

Offered Mondays 7:30p and/or Saturdays 11:00a
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