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These action-packed classes will build on growing those gross motor skills and foster a sense of independence and self-esteem. Our preschool and elementary age children will discover their speed, agility, power and endurance as they participate in relays, sports skills and drills, gymnastics fundamentals and fun group games.

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4 to 6 years

The strength, coordination and agility of our Kinder Fit kids will increase as they participate without their parents in a class geared towards building their confidence. We will spot them through gymnastics skills, lead them through relays and group games, and increase the difficulty of sports skills.


Offered Thursdays 4:30p and/or Sundays 11:00a



6 to 9 years

Fit Kids classes are action-packed fitness classes disguised as fun! Co-operative games and relays, sports skills and drills, and muscle-building appropriate for elementary age children will be incorporated.

Offered Mondays 6:30p, Tuesdays 6:30p, and/or Wednesdays 4:30p

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9 to 12 years

Our older elementary kids will get stronger as they learn how to perform resistance training with various implements. They will also improve their power, agility and endurance with the introduction of circuit workouts. 


Offered Mondays 4:30p, Tuesdays 5:30p, Thursdays 6:30p, and/or

Saturdays 9:00a

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